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In the current dynamic society, where stiff competition and time related boundaries prevail, Oswal Group is an intiative with an aim to beautify and deliver new dimension to our society. Oswal group has a plethora of projects to add to its credibility. With innovative designs and state of the art infrastructure concepts, Oswal group sports a team of professionals who are experts in their respective fields and constructs projects with great expertise and quality.
(Late) Shri. K.P.Oswal, Founder
Mr. K. P. Oswal the founder of the Oswal group. A man of great courage and vision. Mr. Oswal has done vigorous and immense hard work, in his life to achieve success and turning his dreams in to realty. Born and raised in Hinghanghat, a small village in Maharashtra – Wardha district. His vision, honesty and dedication toward’s the work with a penchant for delivering nothing but the best. Has helped oswal group to achieve growth and success. Apart from business Mr. Oswal helps and does immense work for the under priviledged poor people and has been actively involved in working against cow slaughtering and cruelty towards animals
Vicky Oswal, CMD
It is indeed commendable, that at an age of 32 years, Vicky Oswal has carved a niche for oswal group, in the vast field of realty. Vicky started his business at an age of 17 years only , which shows his zeal to fulfill his ambitions. Vicky Oswal, a young and dynamic entrepreneur and a visionary, surely an inspiration for generations to come. He plays a very important and a vital key role in enchancing Oswal group.With his professional working approach and go getter attitude it has helped oswal group to achieve recognition, growth and success.
Puja Nahar Oswal, VCP
Ms. Puja has taken Oswal group to the next level enchancing and contributing to the company’s sucsess immensely. With her vast knowledge and years of experience in HR and Administration Departments, Ms. Puja facilitates smooth functioning of the company and makes sure that everybody works like a family and instills cohesiveness amongst all employees. Her vision, employees and consistent team work has helped the Oswal group achieve growth and success.
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