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More than 10 years of experience
Mumbai real estate markets are among the most challenging—and rewarding—in the nation. That is just one of many lessons we’ve learned in the more than decades that Oswal Realty has operated here. Today, with 100% of our properties located in Mumbai, Nagpur & Vapi we enjoy the hometown advantage of understanding local history, local markets and local relationships.
A fully integrated real estate enterprise
Our experience has also taught us the wisdom of mastering all the disciplines of our profession. Oswal Realty's core management capabilities span all aspects of real estate, from land acquisition, financing and property development, re-development, construction management,  long-term strategic portfolio development. This integrated approach to real estate ownership produces efficiencies throughout our company's property operations and creates a sound base from which to navigate the changing market environments that characterize a normal real estate business cycle.
A disciplined business strategy
Operating in one of the most dynamic economies in the world has shaped our business strategy at Oswal Realty. Our primary goal is to deliver a steady stream of high quality, adaptable and productive work environments for the wide range of industries attracted to Indian real estate.
The resulting portfolio of office, industrial, R&D and multi-purpose properties is managed to enhance value rather than size. We regularly recycle capital from mature assets into new development, continually upgrading the quality of our portfolio while maintaining a healthy balance sheet and enhancing the potential returns we can generate for our shareholders.
Strong and broad-based development experience
We have a bias toward development, preferring to control the location, design and amenities of the properties we add to our portfolio. We believe this approach produces a better outcome for our clients.
We are experienced developers in a variety of property types, including:
  • Office buildings & Malls
  • Residential Complex
  • Bunglow Scheme
  • Re Development Project
Our current development program focuses on the principal submarkets of Mumbai City. Over the past decade, Oswal Realty has established market-leading positions in a number of these submarkets.
A respect for long-term tenant relationships
Many of our clients have done business with Oswal Realty for decades, turning to us again and again as their real estate needs have changed. We believe such relationships are built on a foundation of trust and experience. We take the sundresses time to understand each prospective tenant’s requirements and we offer our knowledge of markets and experience in development to help create the right workplace solution for each one.
Our current tenant roster is drawn from the full range of India’s diversified economy, including small, medium and large commercial enterprises in software, manufacturing, banking, entertainment, insurance, telecommunications, health care, defense, finance, engineering, technology, and other business and professional services.
An innovator in work spaces
India’s fast-paced, knowledge-based economy has fundamentally altered concepts of design and amenities in real estate here. Oswal Realty has been an innovator in rethinking the work environment.
We design many of our properties in relaxed, campus-style settings with a rich variety of outdoor and indoor common space, flexible interior floor plates and individual office plans that can adapt as tenant needs change.
We equip our properties with state-of-the-market infrastructure and amenities, often accommodating the specific needs of individual clients focused on research and development, manufacturing and other specialized services.
A commitment to sustainable practices
As long-term owners of the properties we develop, we share a common interest with our clients for work environments that optimize resource use and minimize their impact on the environment Oswal Realty has become a leading proponent of certified design, development and property operation.
The Leadership in Energy Efficient and Environmental Design certification process is designed to address the entire lifecycle of a property and takes into account such issues as site design, low-impact development, water and energy efficiency, indoor environmental quality, materials and resources used in construction, and innovative responses to unique building or site conditions.
We believe these efforts reward our clients with a superior workplace environment that can generate higher productivity, superior employee retention and a more successful recruiting experience.
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Oswal Heights - Chembur
" OSWAL HEIGHTS " - Earlier known has Tapasya Chs Ltd before redevelopment.
Prithvi Complex - Palghar
Prithvi Complex is a project of 400 1BHK / 2BHK flats situated in Palghar.