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With every milestone that is crossed and with every impossibility that is turned into a possibility, we find ourselves further expanding our sensibilities of 'what more we can achieve.
We believe in ‘responsibility of builders’ and this is the reason our customers have always found it easy to have a one-on-one interaction with us. At the same time, our homecare division takes care of on-spot maintenance of your home for a lifetime.
Oswal Believes
That trust is the beginning of everything.
And is, in the end, the only thing.
That houses are not meant to be built and handed over
But to be customized, designed, nurtured and cared for ever after.
Not in creating single buildings and moving on
But in creating mini-townships, malls, offices, homes.
That decisions to buy are not pure investments
But based on each individual’s hopes, dreams, doubts – that have to be addressed.
That houses are not built on a foundation of concrete alone.
But on a foundation of trust.
The speed, at which we have journeyed in this industry and the incredible volume that we have built, is a sign of the deep passion and expertise that we have in our field.
Today we have a number of distinguised properties to our credit, with a track record of delivered homes since inception. Industry leaders state this is the fastest growth achieved by any developer in the field of Real Estate in India.
As we walk steadily in the competitive world of business, we realize that we never did believe in Return on Investment (ROI) but have always believed in Return on Time (ROT).
Therefore our learning’s from each project and the quantum of utility value and features we’ve added is far more important to us than getting distracted by an every-second update on our ROI.
Today we have earned the reputation of builders with the highest brand equity in terms of business ethics. Whether it is our innovative concepts like selling apartments based on Carpet Area, or homes that surpass international standards, or our deep insight into our customer’s needs, or just the very fact that every project is delivered on time … we continue to race ahead with the same gusto that we had begun with
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Oswal Heights - Chembur
" OSWAL HEIGHTS " - Earlier known has Tapasya Chs Ltd before redevelopment.
Prithvi Complex - Palghar
Prithvi Complex is a project of 400 1BHK / 2BHK flats situated in Palghar.