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Redevelopment process is carried out when the old building / societies / chawls is required to under-go major repairs due to leakages in the building, strength and stability of the R.C.C. Structure becomes weak, lack of infrastructure facilities, and when the members of the building are short of funds, resources and technical know – how in such a condition and circumstances all the members opt’s to go for redevelopment of the old building by appointing a good developer to reconstruct a new building and hand over free of cost flats to the existing members in the new rehab-building along with some additional benefits and amenities.
Re –development is the new key word in the Real Estate industry of mumbai. Redevelopment projects are also seen as potential source of maintaining buoyancy in the real estate business by the developers.
At Oswal, we undertake redevelopment projects like slums, old buildings, chawls, Vadi’s and old housing socities by demolishing existing old building / structure and reconstructing a new building and handing over free of cost of flats to the existing members in the new rehab building with some additional area, corpus fund to make the society life time maintain free, alternate accommodation compensation and many other benefits and amenities during the process of redevelopment.
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